Validating date format javascript

For parsing, this will parse using the base value of 2000, resulting in a year within the range 2000 to 2099 inclusive.

If the count of letters is less than four (but not two), then the sign is only output for negative years as per .

Two letters outputs the hour and minute, without a colon, such as ' 0130'.

Three letters outputs the hour and minute, with a colon, such as ' '.

If it is less than 9, then the nano-of-second value is truncated, with only the most significant digits being output.

For printing, this outputs the rightmost two digits.

Resolving separate fields to form a complete date and time is a complex process with behaviour distributed across a number of classes.

It follows these steps: Submit a bug or feature For further API reference and developer documentation, see Java SE Documentation.

Four letters outputs the hour and minute and optional second, without a colon, such as ' 013015'.

Five letters outputs the hour and minute and optional second, with a colon, such as ' '. Pattern letter 'X' (upper case) will output 'Z' when the offset to be output would be zero, whereas pattern letter 'x' (lower case) will output ' 00', ' 0000', or ' '.

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If the count of letters is four, then the full name is output. Offset X and x: This formats the offset based on the number of pattern letters.

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