Validating dynex wireless

Hacked and connected to a laptop or other custom circuitry, such a setup could potentially read your RFID tag from several feet away and you’d never know it.

RFID systems are designed to work on various frequency bands, depending on the application and industry standards.

There are the typical point-of-sale terminals that you may have seen at your local fast food chain, intended to be used in close proximity and designed to be affordable and reliable for local businesses.

But there are also high-powered readers that have greater range.

That data might be the serial number of a piece of equipment.

Or it might be your personal or financial information.

There are systems that utilize low frequency as well as ultra high-frequency bands, but those are rare to find in the consumer applications that we are concerned with.

Smartphone apps are totally personalized exactly how you like them.

A wealth of information is just a Google search away.

They don’t need to touch, nor do they need line of sight.

Different types of tags and readers are effective at varying distances.

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