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You can access the configuration menu from the Tools - XML Schema to XML pannel, as illustrated here: Stylus Studio's XML Instance Document Generator is a powerful utility for accelerating XML development alowing you to leverage existing XML schemas to automate the creation of instance documents in a highly configurable way. A new action-packed online video demonstration covers how to use Stylus Studio in just six minutes!

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In simpler scenarios you may not have specify things like Canonicalization Method or the security provider or transform - especially if you're using . Note also that to write you're using the Private key so the key is being read out of the Certificate store.

You can also read a certificate from a file, but this is not recommended given that the private key should be private and safely stored away.

Recently I've been involved in some work that deals with signed XML documents outside of a WCF Web service environment.

Ironically the service that is being accessed accepts SOAP data but the service does not expose any WSDL even though it uses some WS-* specification features - namely digital signature of the XML body of the message.

The Stylus Studio XML Schema Editor provides a visual interface for designing XML data models; just select any XML Schema element (for example, the document 'root' node), the selected node will be highlighted in blue.

For quick review: When signing a document you'll use a Private key to sign a portion of the the document and embed a signature into the document.

To validate, from within the XML editor, click on the "Validate Document" button, as illustrated below, then choose the processor you wish to use to perform the validation.

The Output Window displays the result of the validation - as expected, "The XML Document Untitled3is valid".

The code below uses Friendly Names to retrieve the key. Subject (which is the same value as Issued To) is what key command line tools generally use to look up keys.

At this point you should have a working certificate that you can use for digital signatures. There are a number of ways to do this and the process will vary based on how your original document is set up.

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As an excercise, try using the Stylus Studio XML document generator on more complex XML Schema data models involving facets, restrictions, ennumerations, type derivations, or whatever - Stylus Studio will always genererate valid XML.

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