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I saw a trans model I really admired and raved about tweet a watermelon joke and other things I was offended by.She’s probably still wondering why I unfollowed her.Caramel: Before you became a major studio producer, I learned about you from seeing your live webcam shows.I’d see you performing alone and then with Miss Ko Ko Beans. I was so impressed that I began blogging about your shows and you did something else that blew me away.The house I had with Mike Saga was down the street from Brianna Lane. It became a wine and cheese party and I hijacked it a month in advance with the intent to propose to Ko Ko during the party. The party was a really intimate night with several of our friends taking turns DJing the laundry room turn tables. I have another partner I’m getting close with in Bmore. Ko Ko and Tricia both know about each other and will hopefully be introduced soon.We had cheese for days and a great mix of friends over mixed with a bit of back yard fire spinning. If I were the jealous type I couldn’t do this sort of thing. They both are poly as well and communicated their needs prior to dating. hen did you first begin to realize you might be trans?

They took me to Freeform and DC collective art group parties and I learned so much about what I wanted to be happy in life.

I decided to embrace it but didn’t like the previous image I created for myself.

Spacekitten was a nickname my friends called me for a short time in the rave and burner scenes.

You began doing cam shows with multiple amazing other amateur and major studio models models.

I know it’s a long list, but can you name some of the other models you’ve done group shows with? Caramel: How did you and Ko Ko originally meet and at what point did you realize you were hot for each other’s chili? party in Philly thrown by a collective of groups including Light It Up Productions (The crew I worked for and run by my current roommate), Bangarang, and Space Pirates.

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I’ve had the chance to meet some really talented people this year. We really hit it off during the orgy and she never really left after event. Caramel: Can you tell me a little about your proposal?

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