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Maquita made her TV debut by appearing in the Channel 4 music show Popworld, She appeared in this show as its presenter and she presented this show with Simon Amstell.

After she left the Channel 4 music show Popworld in 2006, she continued to present the T4 strand.

She left her early morning show Oneclick to focus on TV projects.

On 13 December 2007, during her appearance on the TV show Never Mind the Buzzcocks (which was hosted at the time by Simon Amstell), Oliver implied that she was sacked from BBC Radio One following a comment she made in an interview with NME magazine, about Fearne Cotton, calling her a "Devil Woman".

Miquita Oliver is a radio personality and a TV presenter from United Kingdom.

She is also known for being the host of her own TV show The Month With Miquita.

, Oliver used a four-letter word to describe the 'Ti K Tok' star and was overheard by her management team.

is a British television presenter and radio personality.

Maquita is now aged 32 years old but she is still living a single life.

There is no any information about her married life and divorce.

In 2010, she insulted singer Kesha and after this incident she was suspended for about six weeks from T4. In 2008, she helped a lot to launch Fashion Favours, a clothing line under the title

At the end of 2008, she modeled Prime Minister Gordon Brown's shirt.

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But where’s Miquita and her trademark sarcastic humour 11 years after she left the show?

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