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She is also at higher risk for glaucoma, which can reduce vision as well.I took a close look that the images and don't see any sign of a bifocal.Is it just an oblique angle astigmatism or something else (prism or what)?

Conce , NJ Thanks a lot for explaining, I find your information very interesting.

I don't know if she has any vision at all in that eye or whether the strong right lens in her glasses is helping at all or just for cosmetic purposes to match her left lens.

In one video she shows a view from a railway platform.

Colin , NJ and Conce, Thanks, I actually wear similar high plus glasses myself and prefer to just slip my distance ones down to read.

You are completely right that bi focals at this strength magnify so much that you really cant get much more than one word in focus at a time. I find a separate pair of reading glasses much better but its a pain to be swapping specs around on the underground!

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